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Relax your shoulders…
Take a deep breath…
You’re in the right place.

Burnout or Breakthrough?

You choose.

Who would you get to be in life if your confidence and self-worth had NOTHING to do with how hard you work or how much you accomplish?

I work with go-getters and high achievers to recognize and reverse the insidious signs of burnout…before it’s too late.  

i choose breakthrough!

meet Shanda

Health & Life Coach

Entrepreneur & Business Owner
Student of Human Behavior
Oxytocin & Dopamine Lover
Clinical Burnout Survivor

I’m a Health & Life Coach with 18 years of experience as a fitness & weight-loss coach, franchise owner, corporate mentor, and… a burnout survivor.  

At one point, I hit bottom. For the first time in my life, I felt hopeless, scared…and I knew I didn’t want to keep living if it stayed that way. I had truly hit bottom with my stress levels.

After a while, I found the way out. It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t quick. And I still have to be diligent in protecting my time, energy, and priorities.

But know this: it is possible to feel better. To live better. You don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed when you slow down to rest and recharge. I’m proof of that.

And I’d love to share it with you.

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How We Can Work Together

12-Session Package: From Burnout to Breakthrough

I would love to help you out of this rut and work with you to discover what’s been holding you back from having it all. It’s time you took consistent, inspired action so that you can be free to experience the undeniable breakthroughs that I know you will have… and that will lead you to living a life you frickin’ love. Let’s DO this!

90-Minute Breakthrough Session

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