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My Journey From Burnout to Coach

For nearly two decades, I coached and mentored thousands of women to reach their health and weight-loss goals.  It was sometime between 2014 and 2017 that I grew my gym membership to be the largest in the country.  I started with 98 members in 2004 and worked my ass off to get to 640 members by about 2015.   

I was so focused and so driven to succeed that I didn’t even realize I was dangerously close to a major medical crash and burn.  At least not until one of many doctors at that time told me, “Do you know that you are one sneeze away from a hospital stay?”  

So, what do you think I did?  I kept going, of course.  

Everything around me seemed to start falling to shit all of a sudden (really several years), and I denied that it had anything to do with my years of stress, crazy busy long days, my frazzled nerves, isolating from friends and family, not exercising, crappy sleep habits, or zero down time (unless you count when I would fall asleep in my car in a parking lot or at a red light), just to name a few.  

I didn’t want to hear that I would have to stop doing things the way I had been.  It was all I knew.  Who would I be without… 


With the help of coaches, mentors, self-help books, spiritual guides, Eastern and Western therapies, body work, and personal development training, I discovered what had caused and continued such a high level of chronic stress for so long was…my MIND!  

What?!?  My own thoughts and beliefs were creating what I was experiencing?  Come on.  How?  Why would I let that happen?  

I’ll save the biology of beliefs discussion for another time.

It’s mind blowing!  (Pun intended)

Discovering this and now studying the science behind how our thoughts can actually affect our DNA (in both negative and positive ways) and therefore can change our beliefs, behaviors, and identity, completely changed how I experience my life, my circumstances, even the people and the world around me.    

This quote came up during one of my trainings that really stuck with me: 


Kinda makes you want to be careful about what kind of mean, made-up lies and BS stories you’re telling yourself, doesn’t it?  

That’s the reason I’m so passionate and curious about how our brains operate.  We actually have a say in how our lives go!  I literally want the whole world to know this.  

That’s what I love about coaching.  I want to help people discover how to reclaim control of their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and habits.  It all starts in our minds.  

And so, my motto is, “Inquire within…or live without.”  We will all miss out on so much vibrant and expansive living if we stay stuck with the limiting thoughts, beliefs, and patterns we were born into.

As I look back, it’s all become SO clear to me that these experiences; everything from mild blah to full-blown zombie, digging out of what felt like the depths of hell, and finally extinguishing the flames of my burnout… was for YOU.  

Let’s get a handle on your stress before it starts causing physical symptoms.  And, if it already has, you need support, structure, and accountability to get some traction so you can start moving forward again.  

I would love to help you out of this rut and work with you to discover what’s been holding you back from having it all.  It’s time you took consistent, inspired action so that you can be free to experience the undeniable breakthroughs that I know you will have… and that will lead you to living a life you frickin’ love.  

Let’s DO this!

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Download my free self-care checklist!

Serious Self-Care

Mindset & Neurobiology

Nutrition Connection

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